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Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities

Boris Tanevski and his Family invites you to their own Museum in Krklino only 5km from Bitola!!!

The Antique Museum "Filip" contains large collection of antique cars including: Simka Ariane from 1953, Opel Olimpija, Ford Taunus, Pezo404, Plimut Valijant, Moskvic, Opel Olimpija, Fiko, Folsvagen Buba, Citroen, tweentyfoure motorbikes six decades old in a great condition such as BMW, DKW, NSU, MAKS etc. The addition of the Etno Museum rooms contains of village room, urban room, Jewish room nd antiquie. Weapon Short Austrian Remington 1864, American then gun, saber and knife, variety of Music instruments such as organ 208 years old, accordion, bagpipe, traditional tapan, zurla and collection of old tradition clotes.

The Museum Filip is a result of a hard work sponsored by Tanevski Family who spend around two decades of hard work and caring this rich collection.
The archivement of this museum is developing the village tourism in Krklino.

Please come and visit us!




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